Cue shock & awe I’m a Graphic Designer with a beard – I love comics, movies and everything nerdy. Usually found quoting pop culture.

Phil is our Brand Specialist here at Hoggett Creative. He has 14 years of design work and began his journey to become a Graphic Designer by modifying cars using Photoshop. As a result, this grew into using more of the Adobe Creative suite, including Illustrator and InDesign.

With a love of Typography and Colour Theory he combines them together when designing. This creates comprehensive brands which allows you to reach the correct clients for a longer period of time.

From Logos, Business Cards and Stationery to Websites and Social Media, Phil can create an all-inclusive design your customers will love.

Free thinking and outside-of-the-box ideas are Phil’s wheelhouse, If you want something individual and unique – he’s the guy to speak to! Whether you have a grand budget or a modest one, Phil will help achieve the most ‘bang for your buck’!

Feel free to drop him a hello on LinkedIn!

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