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Project Description


Glen Urr produce their own hand-make brand of ice cream and sorbets on the family farm in Dumfries & Galloway using quality milk and cream from their award winning herd of Ayrshire cows.


Glen Urr were looking to mass produce two sizes of tubs with a minimum production run of 5,000. Because of this the designs need to be generic to all flavours of Ice Creams and Sorbets. Some of their seasonal flavours would only require a few 100 tubs per year.


We set about designing a generic tub that could be used for both Ice Cream and Sorbets. Glen Urr's ingredients were 100% natural, but concerns were made that if one of their 20 flavours or ingredients lists or quantities were to change the packaging would be unusable. To resolve this issue we used our extensive knowledge of digital print to come up with a solution. We designed interchangeable labels that were water and freezer proof thus individualising the ingredients of each variety.  We produced 40 labels in total across three sizes. The 100% Natural was placed on the label along with ingredients, so, if one flavour was to change, a new batch could be quickly printed and delivered on demand. Different label colours were also used to differentiate between Ice Cream and Sorbet for clear identification.

After the initial designs were presented and developed, the client showed them to a number of outlets and asked for feedback, the designs very well received and feedback was positive.


New outlets gave especially good feedback and Glen Urr were very happy with their final packaging.

Project Details
  • ClientGlen Urr Ice Cream & Sorbets
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    Packaging Design
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