Strong Maths

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Strong Maths
SAMSON logo design.
Strong Maths Logo design.
Cartoon character design and illustration.
Samson cartoon character illustration and development.
Strong Maths Website Design.
Early years counting slide illustration.
Early years counting slide illustration.
Early years visual counting illustration.
Early years visual counting illustration.
Early years counting slide illustration.
Early years maths word question illustration.
Early years maths word question illustration.
SAMSON Strip Sheets.
Timed challenge sheets for pupils to complete in class or part of homework.
78 page teaching guide designed and printed in-house.
Exhibition design complete with interactive board.
Powerpoint presentation made from our clients basic Powerpoint and redesigned.
Samson pricelist, designed and printed in-house.
SAMSON 12 page marketing brochure, an essential selling tool.
Photography shoot in a working classroom
Photography shoot in a working classroom.
Photography shoot in a working classroom
Photography shoot in a working classroom
Covers and spines for folders/binders labelled into specific age groups.
Strong Maths facebook campaign.
Strong Maths business cards.
Project Description


Strong Maths is a company that arose from one teachers desire to close the maths attainment gap with the teaching technique he invented, championed and used successfully.


Strong Maths wanted to take their teaching technique to a wider audience, thereby improving kids maths throughout Britain, not just in the local area. They wanted to use cartoon characters to aid children in their learning of Maths.


Naming the Company

Armstrong was the surname of our client and so the name of, “Strong Maths” was decided on for the overarching company name.

The Product

SAMSON was the acronym for his teaching technique. Speed, Accuracy, Mastery, Self-Testing, Overlearning, Numbers. We made the link between SAMSON the Strong Man and a circus stongman. This fitted perfectly into his teaching technique, and their product - SAMSON was born. This was when the concept of basing the product around, fun at the circus took shape.

Classroom Slides

We looked at the classroom whiteboard slides that they were currently using and redesigned them to suit a professional, forward thinking educational maths package which could be rolled out nationally. The design included various cartoon characters and the circus theme throughout over 900 classroom whiteboard slides to be taught to school children from 5-12yrs old.


Logos were needed for both the overarching company and the companys product - SAMSON. 
Maths symbols were used in the Strong Maths logo to create a logo that in its design is, made up of maths.
The SAMSON logo was based around the circus concept and had to be colourful and fun while being maths focussed.

Teaching Guide

A teaching guide had to be produced to instruct teachers in delivering the tried and tested technique of SAMSON maths. From a text only word document supplied to us by the client a 78 page guide was created complete with our photography, illustration and layout. It comprehensively shows all elements of SAMSON and how to deliver it. A huge undertaking, but after 15 proofs of input, tweaks and amends from the client perfection was achieved.

Marketing Brochure

We had the product, but now the focus turned towards selling the product, and with that in mind we produced a marketing brochure that could be sent out to the teachers and head teachers whose schools could benefit from SAMSON. It is a 12 page sales tool with all the key selling points and benefits designed to influence the teachers and decision makers of budgets.


SAMSON branded pricelists were designed to be sent out with the marketing guide.

Literature Folders

First Impression is everything in marketing, so a professional literature folder was created to house both the marketing brochure and pricelist. This literature folder was the complete sales package that was sent out to prospective customers of SAMSON


Another important sales tool in the marketing of SAMSON was a Powerpoint presentation which was presented in front of teachers and head teachers. It was made from our clients basic Powerpoint and then we redesigned it and branded it as SAMSON, adding illustrations and elements from the logo and teaching guide.


A website was needed to enhance our clients on-line presence and so we designed and worked with our web developer to come up with a website that conveys the correct brand and information that can maximise SAMSONs reach worldwide. Using bespoke custom coding techniques the website is up-to-date and easy to maintain.


Educational trade shows were important in the sales cycle of SAMSON so we designed and produced an exhibition scheme complete with interactive board to showcase the product to potential customers. Again the exhibition display was branded to match all other aspects of our projects with SAMSON.

Social Media

Very important to the marketing of any product is good online social media campaigns. Keeping a presence in social media shows you are current, up-to-date and active. A base template was designed for facebook posts in which content can be changed for each post. Text to go with the post is copy written and proofed to our client before posting. Also a facebook home page header was created.


To show the SAMSON product working in context in the classroom a photoshoot was needed. A mornings live photoshoot was carried out and the images were treated and tweaked for the best possible results which were then used throughout the SAMSON project.

Product Folders/Binders

The end product needed housed in hard wearing folders for distribution throughout a schools classes. We designed covers and spines for the folders which labelled them into their specific age group.


All SAMSON material is printed in-house so we can print short and long runs of each item for them at short notice, making it cost effective and fast service for them.



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