Scouts / Cubs and Beavers

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Scouts / Cubs and Beavers
Project Description


Lockerbie Scout Group

30 Years of Beavers in Dumfriesshire District Celebration badge

Hoggett Creative were approached by their local Lockerbie Beaver leader, and asked to come up with ideas for a 30 year celebration badge for Dumfriesshire District Beavers. Hoggett Creative relished the opportunity to contribute to the local Scouting movement.

Simon (Managing Director of Hoggett Creative) having formerly been a Scout himself, and his son Tristan currently a member of the Lockerbie Scout Group took the opportunity to give back to the Scouting world in the form of his companies creative skills and time.

Together with Simon, David (Graphic Designer at Hoggett Creative, who was also a former Cub and Scout, donated their time and skills to come up with design options for the 30 year Beaver celebration badge. Opinions were gathered on the different design options Simon and David had created and then the final option was chosen and put into production ready for distribution to every Beaver in the Dumfriesshire District.

Lockerbie Scout Group - 100 Years badge

We were approached by the Lockerbie Scout Group leader and asked to design some ideas for a 100 year commemorative badge. After initial concepts and ideas a final design was chosen and then made into the embroidered badge.


Hoggett Creative also donate our services and skills in design and print to produce Lockerbie Scouts quarterly newsletter.

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