Property Lifestyle Photography

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Property Lifestyle Photography
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What we do...

Property Lifestyle Photography requires an attention to detail, a creative ‘eye’ and good organisational skills.

We are happy working with large hotel companies or tiny bed and breakfast accommodation! Photographing the rooms, the food, the staff and all the little details that make your property special. We also offer a video service.

We usually start early morning and work through until late afternoon. We work around your schedule as guests leave, rooms are cleaned, food is prepared and service begins. We work closely with the duty manager and head chef to fit into their daily routines. We can also arrange dusk or evening shots to capture the exterior of the building with the lights on, or a cosy fireplace in the drawing room with glowing candles. Early morning shots also work well at some locations. In a full day, you can expect a good collection of images. We have many years experience of post production experience and of preparing your image to suit your needs.

Using a professional photographer makes all the difference.

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