JBA Seed Potatoes

by Hoggett Creative

JBA Seed Potatoes
Project Description

The Client

Jamieson Brothers have been in business since 1895 as growers and suppliers of top quality Scottish seed potatoes. Their seed is used throughout the potato industry. All of their potatoes are high-grade stock, so you can rely upon the JBA brand as being the best available.

Brand Development

When we work with a client we are always thinking about their brand and how it can be developed - we did this for JBA. We used colours for the three main harvest times. We made these consistent and developed the colours to be used across all medias, supplying JBA with a guideline pdf with full colour breakdown.

36 Page A5 Catalogue and Guide

JBA decided to produce a guide showcasing their range of potatoes, with information on planting and care instructions, along with variety descriptions, planting times and usage guides.

Guinness World Record - over 1,300 individual pieces of digitally printed artwork.

The phone rang, it was Iain - "we have a new project for you, we're doing a world record attempt - you interested?". Well what can you say to that - of course we were.

We were asked to design and print material for their Guinness World Record attempt at the Gardening Scotland Exhibition. JBA displayed 677 varieties of potatoes with an aim to beat the existing record of 589. This was the perfect project for Hoggett Creative - once designs were approved we produced 1,334 pieces of individual artwork. These were digitally printed as stickers to identify the variety name, key information, box and plot number. This all helped with the adjudication of the record. We also produced over 30 meters of PVC banner, a hundred 28 page books and a thousand A5 advertising flyers. A great project for us. We enjoyed visiting the exhibition and seeing the reaction of visitors to the display.

Packaging Projects

Packaging projects are always enjoyable to work on. With JBA every project is printed differently and for a different packaging process in their warehouse. This is where our knowledge of the print industry makes us stand out from the crowd - we understand exactly how to design and produce the correct artwork format.

Our latest project was to design and artwork three 25kg paper potato sacks - First Earlies, Second Earlies and Main Crop. The brief was to design a bag that was easy to identify when stacked on a pallet and also look appealing when on display. Each bag required a set of printing plates each costing hundreds of pounds but our cost cutting solution was to design the bags to use the same artwork on all three, with only the main colour plate changing. This saving more than covered the cost of design and artwork. We had to be 100% confident with our design and artwork as each bag had a print run of 25,000. Once again JBA where very happy with our efforts.

Direct Marketing Campaign

The national success rate of a direct marketing campaign is about 4.4%. For JBA we produced a campaign to every garden centre in the UK with a success rate of over 85%. This was achieved by mail merging an Excel database of centres with digitally printed envelopes. Each containing a call to action flyer asking for registration on a trade only website and also a 36 page potato guide. We received excellent positive feedback for this project.

Project Details
  • ClientJBA Seed Potatoes
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