1. Stay Active
  2. Mental Health
  3. Call a Friend/Loved One
  4. Maintain a Strict Work/Home Balance
  5. Eat 3 Meals a Day
  6. Laugh


Stay Active

There are plenty of ways to stay active and exercise during a quarantine. NHS guidelines advise Adults should do some form of exercise daily – this can be ANY form of physical activity. Strengthening activities that work the major muscles (legs, hips, back, abs, chest shoulders and arms) should be done at least every other day or 2 times a week.

Forms of moderate exercise could include;

  • Going for a Brisk Walk
  • Riding a Bike
  • Gardening
  • Yoga or Pilates
  • Exercising using your own body weight – such as Push-ups and Sit-ups.

Switch off your laptop/computer AND phone, take at least 30 minutes to exercise a day – this will deliver oxygen and nutrients to your tissues, helps your cardiovascular system and releases endorphins which trigger a positive feeling throughout your body.

During this quarantine there have been a number of free online resources to keep people moving at home, find some of our favourites below.

CORE Fitness – LIVE Fitness Classes based in Dumfries & Galloway

P.E with Joe – YouTube, The Body Coach TV (30 mins)
Although originally set up as a substitute for Children’s P.E lessons, these can be very useful for someone who is new to working from home. (Joe also has Kid’s workouts (5 mins) to keep the little ones moving!)

Free Yoga – YouTube, Yoga with Adrienne (Various lengths)
Over 500 Videos of Yoga exercises for beginners to experts.

Dance Workout – YouTube, The Fitness Marshall (<5 mins)
Need something more musical? Try out a Dance Workout. These simple workouts are short, fun and will raise your heart rate while making you smile – so turn up the music and get watching!


Mental Health

Along with Physical Health, Mental Health is important! We as humans thrive on human connection – this can be difficult when your day to day life is stuck indoors!

Some people can find it difficult to find services in relation to Mental Health issues so we’ve listed some which we believe will be most useful below.

NHS Mental Health Services – Probably the most useful for the majority of the population.

Talkspace – Connects you with licensed mental health professionals

Headspace – Meditation App to relieve stress and improve mental health

Happify – Overcome negative thoughts, stress and life’s challenges.

Just remember; Talking is a powerful tool when it comes to Mental Health.


Call a Friend/Loved One

As previously mentioned, talking can not only boost your Mental Health but it can also help keep us connected where you may go a full day without speaking physically to another person. You family and friends are only a phone call away, and it may be important to them to hear you are well. The older generations (parents/grandparents) could also benefit from a phone call as this may be a time for them to ask you to deliver food or medicines.

With Pubs/Clubs closed now, the latest trend on a Friday and Saturday night are Online Pubs, people video calling/conference calling each other and sharing a drink through video!

Whatsapp – Online Messaging/Video Calling app

Skype – Global Favourite for Video Calling

Houseparty – Video Calling Available for iOS, Android, macOS and Chrome


Maintain a Strict Work/home Balance

Working and living in the same space can make it difficult to organize/stay productive.

With these simple steps, you’ll have the best chance to boost productivity and stay positive while working from home.

Step 1. Get Dressed – Try to keep a work routine, most of us already gain time by removing the commute but getting dressed have been shown to get your mind into ‘work mode’.

Step 2. Make/Maintain a designated workspace – Turn a room/area in your house into an office; Introduce a desk, a chair designed for work hours, plenty of light etc. Try not to work while sitting on the sofa or in a dark room. Try not to be distracted by TV or internet browsing. Treat your new office space as you would your original office!

Step 3. Communicate effectively – If you’re in a team, think about downloading a workflow app such as Slack to speak to your colleagues. Set up conference meetings once a day to keep updated with others.

Step 4. Take Breaks and learn when to ‘Turn off’ – you should be taking time from your screen(s) around every 20 mins, your eyes can strain very easily working from home – this is predominantly due to the isolation and not having other (albeit welcome) distractions in the office. Usually take your lunch at 12? 12.30? 1? Make sure you set out your normal time for lunch/breaks to ensure you are not only working correct hours but to give your brain and eyes a much needed break. At 5pm (5.30pm for us at Hoggett) is closing time! – This may be difficult to switch off for the owner of a business as we all know they are usually working 24/7! But as an employee, this is your own time. I’m sure there are sometimes we can be finishing off work, but make sure once you are finished, you are finished. Turn off the computer, put your phone down and enjoy your evening. Take 5/10 mins to relax between work and home-related activities.


Eat 3 Meals a Day

Without a commute, most of us will gain a bit of time each day outside of work. Use this time wisely by eating breakfast, even something simple like toast or cereal will boost your brain activity and give you the crucial energy needed to concentrate for the day ahead!

We all are given a lunch break and you should use this to eat healthy, this will give your brain the needed nutrients to stay productive in the afternoon. Stepping away from your desk will also allow you to de-stress and relax.

After work, you should spend time with family (who live within your home). Prepare dinner with your family, spend the time to teach your children to cook or to help with dinner preparations – it can built relationships around dinner time!



This for me, is the most important. During these turbulent times, laughing is more important than ever – times are scary! Obviously, laughing is subjective and everyone is different but the Hoggett Team have shared some of their favourite things to make them laugh;








Carrot In A Box – 8 out of 10 Cats does Countdown, Youtube
(Warning: This clip includes strong language)


Sorted Food, YouTube