Happy new year!

Our 2020 is the year of boosting your company’s engagement!

Your Social Media bio can play a key role in your brand’s perception and the following subsequent actions, so keep an eye on your details so you can ensure your information is correct.


Human tone.

Talk about your business as a real person would.

You. Are. Not. A. Robot.

When you are excited about your business it will come across to your clients/viewers! If you show emotion, it won’t be seen as a weakness but as a positive – that’s the joy of social media, as it’s a modern way of communicating it is more relaxed and informal.


State your Purpose.

Spell out what your business does. Anyone who comes across your bio should know within 3 seconds what you do, regardless of any other information on your page.

This could be as simple as a short sentence for example;

Or something more creative such as;



Do you have a wide variety of services or products? Then try to label them with emojis (if this fits your brand of course!) Flag emojis can be used to show an international brand or a Horticultural Society could use Flowers/trees. If you don’t usually use emojis, this may be a good excuse to take some time and find out which ones are relevant.




Make sure your Social Media is found easily through search engines by using Keywords, incorporate words and sentences that your target market will search for.

Try not to bombard this field with a list of every key word you can think of (this will look cluttered and you run the risk of those viewers leaving your page).



Create branded hashtags to really spread the word about your business, find content created about you by your followers and create a community around your business.

70% of the most-used hashtags on Instagram are branded hashtags created by businesses.


Promotional Space

Use your bio to focus your clients toward your website and other social media accounts you may hold, each social media page can be a starting point of your clients ‘customer journey’. 25.6% of all website referrals come from social media Call to Actions. It should be possible to get to all your digital presences via each other.


Showcase Achievements

Whether it’s a mention on a website/article or an award nomination – shout about it on your bio with links to relevant websites (as an added bonus: add a Trophy or Medal emoji!). People are more trusting of a business which previously/currently holds an achievement – Just look at any Michelin starred restaurant!


Add Key Info

Your website can be used for contact details/locations etc but social media bios can be used for business hours/days off or business updates – this ties back into your tone of voice and step 1. This information can be simply updated and is easy to find.


Why don’t you go over to our social media pages and let us know if any of these tips have helped you!

Or maybe we missed something? Tell us!