Although seen as a ‘’Traditional’’ medium, Business Cards are still a fantastic tool for use at Events, Conferences or general ‘everyday’ marketing. Small, relatively inexpensive and informative, they can be kept on your person and brought out when needed which is a lot easier than carrying around a Roller Banner!

But how have Business Cards changed? And what new things do we think will be trending in the next year?

Below you will find a list of Business Card trends to pay attention to in 2020.


Shape-defying Business Cards

We’ve all seen the same old Business Cards – rectangular 85x55mm cards with square edges and 350gsm weight. We get given these cards day in, day out and they usually get stuffed into a drawer or a pot with all the other Business Cards you’ve hoarded over the years.

Business cards used to be all about the design, how your information was laid out, but in 2020 that isn’t necessarily the case!

In this trend, Business Cards in 2020 can be any shape you want! They can follow your logo, can be circular, rounded edges or even a combination of all of the above.



Etched Cards

Ok, it’s not new to have a raised or stamped texture on a Business Card, after all, Foil or spot gloss has been around for years! But with advances in laser technology and finishing techniques, more intricate designs can be cut into the card giving that feel of permanence or dedication but for less!

Embossed Business Cards can also be more detailed meaning your logo doesn’t need to be printed onto your card, giving it a high-quality finish.

Etching/Embossing/Stamping gives a great 3D quality to an otherwise flat object.


Hand-drawn Illustrations

With the resurgence of Victorian/Georgian design elements in recent years (even Hoggett Creative is guilty of a picture of a wild animal in a Top Hat and Monocle) hand-drawn illustrations have the ability to soften a design, creating a more intimate personal feel to a brand. The ‘Hipster’ vibe received from this design is used by cocktail bars, barber shops and restaurants to give a vintage, established feel to an otherwise new brand.

Exploring Typefaces to tie in with hand-drawn illustrations can be a great way of either creating an elegant design or an ultramodern fun design (it all depends on your business!).


Minimalistic and Monochrome Cards

Geometry was a big trend in 2019, this has since evolved into geometric lines and shapes with clean symmetry giving a sleek and stylish finish. These cards tend to play with infinity and perspective.

San serif fonts are used (mostly) and the colour pallet sticks to black, white and grey. Metallic colours are also used when a sophisticated style is required.

Monochrome has always been ‘on trend’ but ONLY if done well! – Using clean white lines on a black background gives your Business Card a bit of a grandiose element, rather than black text on white (which can tend to look low-cost or budget).


Textured Cards

Aside from the design, the feel of a business card can set you apart from everyone else, these cards are great for events when the recipient would be obtaining more than one card. The use of white space and a minimal approach is key with these cards, let the stock speak for itself.

These textures are usually created from recycled card so if you are conscience of the current environmental crisis these cards are perfect for you!

For an extra detail, combine a textured card stock with etching or an embossed logo.


Bright & Cheery coloured edges

The edge of your Business Card is wasted space; too thin to have text on, too thick to be left alone – How about reinforcing your brand colour with a stripe of it sandwiched between the front and back?

This Business Card is thicker than a standard card too, which sets them apart – allowing your design to stand out especially if the edge contrasts the front and back.

This dynamic colour choice works perfectly with minimal designs with the same flash of colour on the front or back (if the colour is embossed, it gives the card a 3D element).


Autographed Cards

When was the last time you saw a signature? Maybe on some business paperwork or legal document? They are rarely seen yet undeniably personal, and what’s more personal than a Business Card?

This trend makes use of cursive, hand-drawn text paired with understated colours and white space, emphasising the personal touch, building that person-to-person interaction in this digitally-run world.


Au Naturale

We all have a societal desire to be closer to nature, a longing for that deep connection with the wilderness that we lack in modern times. Natural photography or detailed drawings of floral motifs and tones along with serif text can boost the message of your Business Cards, especially if your business is related to the environment, healthy living or the outdoors.


I hope you’ve enjoyed this glimpse into Hoggett Creative’s Business Card trends for 2020!

Let me know what you think will be trending!