So, you’ve decided to show off your business at a conference, expo or event where you have a stall or a booth, but how do you make sure to stand out from the hundreds/thousands of other businesses and services there?

Well we’ve come up with some basics to help you make the most of your experience!

Be prepared

First things first, you need to decide on what is your focus for this event. What are you aiming to get out of this appearance?

It could be;

  • Sales?
  • Gain client information?
  • Raise your company’s profile?
  • Maybe to raise awareness of a new product?

This will help you narrow down what material to produce for this event. Producing a video presentation may be time-consuming especially as you may not need it! Or trying to release a new product without high resolution photography may be detrimental to what you’re trying to achieve.

Figure out your cost

Have a rough idea of how much you can feasibly spend on this event. If you’ve been to previous events, use that as a baseline for your budget. If you’re new to this sort of thing, then try to make a positive (but educated) guess of how you will gain from this event.

If you’re focused on sales – work out how many items/units you would have to sell to break even from your marketing.

If you’re concentrating on information or promotion – add a value to each product and consider how much monetary value this has and assign it to each unit.

At the event

Make sure you have a visual idea of how you want your stand to look. Make sure your branding is visible; Roller Banners, Table Clothes and flags are a great way of standing out from a distance! Promotional items such as hats, t-shirts or pens to hand out can be useful to stay memorable with potential clients – If you’re promoting a product, let people try it! Have samples if possible!

Your stand should be welcoming and inviting. Make sure the front of your stand is unencumbered, treat your stand as a stage and your audience need to be able to see as much as possible! (Try to keep anything unsightly out of view – under covered tables or off the premises is best).

Have printed material for people to take away. A5 cards with a short description of the product/service can be relatively cheap & easy to produce but have a long-lasting effect on potential customers.

We like to have a number of printed materials in a bag for our clients to take away and peruse in detail after a short chat with us at the booth.

Have a digital presence for people to visit for any more information (either a Website or a social media page – Facebook would probably suit most) and put up live social posts of the event for people to get excited about!

At a business to business conference? – Having business cards to hand out is important for a personal connection and sharing information.

TOP TIP: Having white space on your business cards can be a great place to write memorable things about an interaction to solidify a connection with someone to follow up later.

If you already have a client base and would like to raise the profile of your presence at an event try an email campaign: A few weeks before the event an email can be sent out to clients stating your appearance/location at the event and maybe with a teaser of what to expect, then another closer to the event with more information (a special deal for visitors perhaps?).

Post event

Just because the event is over, doesn’t mean that’s it! Put up a social post of the event – you could thank the hosts, visitors and other vendors/exhibitors and remember: use hashtags or @ mentions to connect with other businesses. If you had a positive reaction to your emails sent before the show, then send another saying how it was a good event/ or how much you enjoyed it.

After a few days, you can check your website/social network’s analytics to track the performance of your pages – this will give you a better understanding of increased traffic to your website.

Hopefully after following these simple tips, you will see a positive change.


Good luck and if you’d like help with any of the above, please get in touch!