I’m Simon Woolley, Founder & Creative Director here at Hoggett Creative and Welcome to the Hogg Blogg.

“What makes the Hogg Blogg so different from every other Design blog out there??” – Well this blog is going to be filled with education and informative information. We aren’t trying to sell our services. We believe in teaching our skills to ensure you get the best idea of how we work!

So – a bit of background on me, Graphic Design has been in my blood since leaving school (1997) and Photography has been a major passion of mine and I love being able to use that passion in my daily work life!

Where My Journey Began.

I had a hard choice to make at school – Do I follow in my father’s foot-steps and become a plumber? I craved for something more. I loved design, even from a young age – GSCE Sketchbooks filled with drawings, sketches and ideas.

Ever since working on an art project based on Roy Lichtenstein and seeing the ‘Whaam!’ poster my brain was full of colour and I needed a way of getting it out!

Love the job you do and you’ll never have to work a day in your life” – Confucious

This Mantra has stuck by me throughout my career and I channel this ideology every day. I still have the same passion, drive and excitement as I did as a young adult.

Where I Developed My Skills.

I completed a BA Hons in Visual Communications at Staffordshire University.

For over 10 years I was fortunate enough to work with award winning design agencies in Birmingham & Cheshire working alongside major brands such as Bentley Motors, Cadburys, Lego, Mr Kipling, Veolia Environmental, Wacky Warehouse and Pulse Fitness.

Where Hoggett Creative Was Born.

At the end of 2007, I packed my suitcase full of my hard-earned experience and hopped in the car with my young family and drove to Dumfries & Galloway. January 2008, a new year and a new start – Hoggett Creative sprung to life in our spare room. Eight Years later and I had secured a studio space in Annan, building the team up of like-minded, highly skilled individuals and an ever-growing list of clients.

In 2016, as the team and work flow increased we moved just down the road to a larger studio – introducing larger print facilities, increase stock space and more comfortable working/meeting spaces. We are an all-in-one Design & Printing studio all under one roof.

An Involved Creative Director.

Although I am the Creative Director, I am still very much involved in the business, maintaining quality, creativity and attention to detail is a vital part of ensuring our clients get the best from Hoggett Creative. The most enjoyable part of what I do is taking a brief, presenting an idea, producing final artwork and delivering a final project. This is what I love and I aim to keep producing a quality service for our clients, creating long-lasting relationships.

I hope you pop in for a brew and a chat sometime and I look forward to meeting you!